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Coalition Technologies is one of the top design and development agencies in the United States for businesses looking to upgrade their website experience. With recent changes to the ADA standards for websites, and recent ADA rulings by the Supreme Court, many of our clients are trusting us to help them navigate the dicey standards for ADA compliant websites.

Our team of digital strategists will conduct a full audit of your site, and will recommend specific action steps to prevent your business from being victimized with unfair demand letters from shady attorneys looking to capitalize on the ambiguity of ADA standards for websites.

Whether your project requires a full redesign or incremental improvements and maintenance, our team of 200+ is ready to help you! Contact Coalition for an initial audit of your website, identification of your immediate opportunities for ADA compliance, and a plan to maintain ADA compliance moving ahead.

  • What is the ADA?

    The ADA is a civil rights law called the American with Disabilities Act. Passed in the early 90’s, its original intent was to ensure that there were equal protections for individuals with disabilities in our society.

  • Is the ADA relevant to websites?

    Yes! Places of public accommodation used to mean public places and that was the what the ADA primarily focused on. Today, websites are often where business and recreation are conducted. Because of that, the ADA scope has expanded to include websites and other digital content.

  • Can I be sued for my website?

    If you’re a business, chances are that you can be sued now, or will be able to be sued soon. Ambiguity in regulations have allowed suspect law firms to aggressively monetize demand letters around ADA compliance for website.

  • Can my website be ADA compliant?

    Most websites can be enhanced to reach certain levels of ADA compliance. Compliance is tiered based on the stringency of the standard being applied. In some instances a redesign or redevelopment may be recommended.

Why Us?

Most web design agencies are just getting caught up with ADA compliance rules for websites. Not Coalition. For the last several years, Coalition has helped businesses using Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress and Magento reach ADA compliance requirements without devastating their marketing budgets.
Contact our team of digital strategists to find out how we can help you improve your website compliance before you are sent a demand letter or lawsuit. Coalition loves helping businesses navigate the often treacherous and confusing set of rules that are the ADA for websites.

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