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In 2016, U.S. gun manufacturers produced 10.6 million firearms, according to the ATF, a sharp increase from just 3.6 million in 2006. And, in 2017, Gallup Polls found that 42% of U.S. households possess at least one firearm.

At the same time, the industry as a whole is under fire from entities that wish to suppress gun ownership for hunters and those who are looking to protect their homes. This has resulted in search engine restrictions for gun retailers and weapons manufacturers.

More and more weapons businesses are entering the fray to find that the volume of competitors is rising while they are being jammed by online restrictions. Given all of the roadblocks and barriers, how do you set yourself apart and ensure success for your weapons business online?

Partner with a firm well-versed in gun marketing that understands everything from the basics of keyword research to digital marketing strategies that navigate restrictions and target strategic organic and paid search results.

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Coalition Technologies


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We’re Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a global team that employs the best talent in the world. With full-time offices on four different continents, the sun never sets on Coalition Technologies.


In addition to being one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the world, we have years of experience of competing in gun and ammunition marketing.

Firearms sales are being met with increasing regulations that vary by state and federal governments. Gun owners, enthusiasts, collectors are particular in their tastes and demand high-quality arms, ammunition, and gear. This is why it is absolutely essential you choose Coalition, because we have the experience needed to effectively handle those complex array of issues.

Through our customized strategies, these are just some of the services our team specializes in:

  • Positioning and brand development
  • Research on legally and commercially-compliant search terms
  • Geolocational targeting
  • Ensure proper Google Analytics tracking
  • Ensure proper Google Analytics and Google Ads linking
  • Linkbuilding & digital public relations
  • Integrated digital marketing with email and social media campaigns
  • Design, development, and implementation of ads (including rich media such as banners, video, and graphics)


 Your Website To a New Platform

In addition to on-site optimization and expanding your site’s organic link profile, we’re the top-rated industry experts in migrating and upgrading websites with SEO in mind. Our team’s expertise in gun marketing and SEO is supported through key partnerships with the ecommerce sector’s three biggest platforms: Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. With our partnerships, we’ve been designated:

  • BigCommerce Certified Elite Partner Agency
  • Shopify Plus Expert Agency
  • Magento Certified Solutions Partner

As the industry leader in seamless migrations, we’ve helped countless businesses navigate this complex process while retaining pre-migration traffic and revenue-generating rankings for top keywords. In fact, our team’s migration strategies have often contributed to higher levels post-migration.


We’re well-respected for everything we are able to accomplish for our clients. We are even able to succeed within our own sector, ranking number one for “Los Angeles SEO.”

Gun marketing offers unique challenges when it comes to digital marketing efforts, but there are also unique opportunities to build incredible success. Coalition has the innovative strategies to accomplish and exceed your objectives.

If you call today, we can begin researching the specific segment of the ammunition and gun industry in which you compete. Our team of experts will identify methods that will not only lead to the quickest ROI, but ones that will also foster long-term, sustainable growth for your business.

Contact us online or call (310) 827-3890 to get your free quote and start your gun marketing campaign.

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