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In 2017, the car rental market earned upwards of $28 billion in the United States alone, according to Auto Rental News. While the giants of the industry continue to rake in the cash, there continues to be plenty of opportunity for startups and smaller businesses, which took in nearly $600 million last year.

Whether they’re new companies or established nationwide brands, vehicle rentals and automotive professionals are largely conducting their business online. Some sites are driving up business, but many of them can be lemons. Often times, the businesses that fail are held back by an inexperienced team unfamiliar with generating sales and facilitating online bookings.

It’s important for any automotive or car rental company to understand that SEO is a sound investment in order to gain new customers and retain long term clients. At Coalition Technologies, we know the automotive SEO services industry inside and out and we are eager to give you the fuel needed to go far in this competitive marketplace.

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We’re Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a global team that employs the best talent in the world. With full-time offices on four different continents, the sun never sets on Coalition Technologies.


During the research phase of your campaign, we will identify the SEO tactics and upgrades that will earn the fastest ROI for you given the specific segment of the automotive sector in which you compete (i.e. purchasing and sales, dealerships, airport service, limousine, van, luxury, affordable, geographic location, etc.).

We will also study and monitor any real-time ‘events’ in order to assess how those could affect your marketing strategy, as well as your overall business. Some examples we have experienced with clients include a new airport tax on car rental services, competing with an increased presence of ride-sharing services in a particular region, taking advantage of rising gas prices. This is why our automotive SEO services will proactively advance and protect your business’ interests.

Throughout your campaign, we’ll implement these services as they’re applicable to your business:

  • Brand development and positioning
  • Keyword research
  • Local search optimization
  • Implementation of proper Google Analytics tracking
  • Ensure proper Google Analytics and Google Ads linking
  • Creation of retargeting ads
  • Design, development, and implementation of ads (including rich media formats like banners, video, and graphics)
  • Coordinated digital marketing services such as drip feed email campaigns along with social media strategy and content creation.

At the same time, our team will create a longer-term plan that secures a sustainable source of lead and revenue generation for your company. This includes day-to-day, weekly, monthly, and quarterly review of your automotive SEO services’ performance as well as planning for the next phase of your campaign (i.e. a car rental campaign dedicated to the holiday travel season). We are not interested in just winning you results in the first three months of your campaign. Instead, we build a lifelong relationship with you where you can rely on us to deliver the results your company needs.


For older websites, we specialize in modernizing and migrating between platforms, with migration strategies that ensure you sustain valuable rankings and traffic. Our comprehensive expertise in online marketing has key partnerships. We work with WordPress, Drupal, and Squarespace, the most prominent platforms on the market, for the following services:

  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Website Migration Recovery and SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Coalition Technologies is the industry leader in platform migrations. We’ve navigated dozens of car rental companies through this process while preserving pre-migration traffic and rankings. In many cases, our team’s work contributed to post-migration levels exceeding their goals.


Coalition Technologies ranks #1 for “Los Angeles SEO,” which is a highly competitive term. Choose the SEO company that wins in its own game. Our results are not driven by quick-and-easy gimmicks or tactics that end up penalizing websites. Our approach is research-driven and backed by evolving data and a deep expertise in the car rental industry.

This is why we’re a Google Ads Premier Partner. We’ve won the Interactive Award for Website Design and Development. Additionally, Clutch has recognized us as the Top Digital Agency in the SEO sector. Contact us today and see how our SEO services can transform your rental company.

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