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Infographics & Motion Graphics

Infographics & Motion Graphics

Work with an experienced team that delivers custom animated explainer videos as well as world-class infographics services to enhance your website and elevate your company.

Make Your Brand Stand Out!

Explainer Video Services Are Vital to Your Business Success

Explainer video companies make it easy to present, track, and analyze dataExplainer video companies make it easy to present, track, and analyze data.

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learnersStudies show that 65% of people are visual learners.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than textVisuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

People are more likely to share visual content like videos and graphicsPeople are more likely to share visual content like videos and graphics.

80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.

Video has also surpassed blogging as a social media marketing assetVideo has also surpassed blogging as a social media marketing asset.

Projections show that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021Projections show that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021.

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Why Choose Coalition Technologies as Your Explainer Video Company?

  • Why Google instead of Bing?
  • Why Chrome instead of Internet Explorer?
  • Because it’s all about results.

Coalition Technologies makes explainer videos and infographics with top-quality production value to ensure premium representation of your brand. With years of videography, graphic design, and editing experience combined with decades of marketing expertise, we can take everything you do to the next level. Explore our explainer video services today to learn more.

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World-renowned SEO professionalsWorld-renowned SEO professionals

Custom-created software that gets our clients resultsCustom-created software that gets our clients results

Over 110 reviews on Google with a 4.7 averageOver 110 reviews on Google with a 4.7average

Over 50 reviews on Facebook with a 4.8 averageOver 50 reviews on Facebook with a 4.8average

Over 1200 reviews on Featured Customers with a 4.7 averageOver 1200 reviews on Featured Customers with a 4.7average

600+ successful client case studies600+ successful client case studies

Custom Videos for Your Business

Coalition Technologies is proud to offer our services as a high-end explainer video company to your business. We craft every explainer video and infographic around your target audience to help them clearly understand your brand and your messaging.

Find More Leads

Find More Leads

Convert visitors into leads with attention-grabbing videos.

Make it Simple

Make it Simple

Explain complicated products or services in a simple way anyone can understand.

Impress Your Market

Impress Your Market

Easily attract multiple visitors and potential customers all at the same time.

Get More Conversions

Get More Conversions

Capitalize on new leads by generating even more interest, attention, and buzz.

Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness

Let people know who you are and what you do in just a few seconds with a video.

Hook Website Visitors

Hook Website Visitors

Use the power of storytelling to explain your vision and engage website visitors.

What Our Explainer Video Services Can Offer You

Wondering how Coalition stands out among all the other explainer video companies out there? We provide you with on-time, customized results that are versatile and budget-friendly.

100% Customizable100% Customizable

100% Customizable

Our work is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are no templates here!

The Coalition Technology team sits down with you to develop a fully-realized selection of characters, dialogue, storylines, and more to ensure a unique, professional video that represents you.

Cost-Effective ServiceCost-Effective Service

Cost-Effective Service

We want you to get the best return on investment in every part of your marketing strategy.

Coalition Technologies is more than just an explainer video company, we’re here to advise you on the best way to integrate videos into a comprehensive marketing strategy for all your digital endeavors.

Deadline OrientedDeadline Oriented

Deadline Oriented

Prompt delivery of products is an essential part of digital marketing. The online world moves at lightning speed and we have to keep up.

We provide estimated deadlines on every project that guarantee videos are published at the most effective time.

Premium QualityPremium Quality

Premium Quality

Whether you’re using our video or infographic services, you want top-quality products that make your company look amazing.

With a huge pool of voice-over artists, a dedicated graphics department, and cutting-edge editing technology, we deliver the best videos possible.

Our Process

An explainer video company that wants to create an effective video must consider a number of factors before starting work. At Coalition, we require a lot of collaboration with our clients to develop something powerful that makes a real difference in your marketing strategy.

For our videos to work, we need to

For our videos to work, we need to:

  • Develop a clear, concise message.
  • Write a creative, attention-grabbing script.
  • Pair the script with quality animation.
  • Find a voice-over that resonates with your audience.
  • Include quality music and sound effects.
  • Invent likable personas and characters.

Each part of this development process requires your input. You know your audience best, so your insight is crucial.

Once we’ve narrowed down most of these elements, we can start the storyboarding, recording, and animation of your video.



This is a blueprint of the path your video will take. It’s a mix of motion, transitions, and stills that make up your video. It’s also the guideline that animators, illustrators, voice-over actors, and sound-editing professionals use to prepare themselves for their part in the creative process.



Our explainer video company has a database of voices you can choose from to experiment with reading your script. Once a script is finalized, we explore a number of different types of voices to find the best one to deliver your message.



Now it’s time to set everything into motion. We’ll take the stills from your storyboard and bring them to life with industry-leading animation software. This is the longest part of our process and can take several weeks to complete.

What High-End Web Design Can Do for You

Industries That Can Benefit From Our Videos

Medical & Health

Medical & Health







What Our Clients Are Saying

featured reviews
They consistently went above to improve our website every month we worked with them. Their team put in far more work than required by their contract to ensure that they delivered the highest quality product possible. A lot of SEO companies are going to say whatever they can to get you to sign and commit to them, they were never pushy and simply let their work speak for themselves. Everyone was incredibly knowledgable, prompt, professional yet personal, and a pleasure to work with. I honestly don’t have any bad things to say.
Nathaniel S. CEO
featured reviews
Their digital marketing efforts have fostered year-over-year organic growth in conversion rates and revenue. Coalition Technologies is professional, committed, and responsive. They manage the collaboration well and provide actionable advice, ultimately delivering top-tier results. Beyond their good results and high professionalism, Coalition Technologies is amicable and pleasant to work with. They feel like they’re part of our team. They frequently make suggestions that are outside of the project scope but are incredibly helpful. It’s reassuring to know that they check on the site and have a vested interest in it.
Colin T.Digital Marketing Manager
featured reviews
The work has been hugely successful, with dramatic increases in both site traffic and revenue. The team works independently, provides bi-monthly updates, and are always aware of the latest trends in digital strategy. They put a lot of thought into the SEO strategies, and that knowledge is something we can’t replicate. They’re also really transparent. I’ve used other companies that claim everything’s proprietary, but Coalition gives us access to everything. They’re very reliable. I trust them completely, which is really nice. I haven’t been able to do that with other firms.
Doug R.CEO

What It’s Like to Work With Us

At Coalition, we’re all about ensuring your success. Our focus is on your key performance indicators and the milestones that increase your sales and crush your competition.

Building RelationshipsBuilding Relationships

Building Relationships

Because the online world is an ever-evolving space that requires constant updates and shifting marketing strategies, building strong relationships with our clients is just as important as delivering powerful marketing strategies. With a dedicated account manager and point person, you always have someone to reach out to. Day or night, we’re here to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

All-Inclusive MarketingAll-Inclusive Marketing

All-Inclusive Marketing

We’re more than just a basic explainer video company — we delve deep into the digital marketing world to provide you insight into web design and development, SEO for local companies, and optimization for worldwide organizations. We can even build you specialized and seasonal paid advertising campaigns and manage all your social media accounts. You can look to our team for every aspect of your online presence.

Experience Across All IndustriesExperience Across
All Industries

Experience Across All Industries

It doesn’t matter if you’re in an ultra-niche market or if you have a world-wide consumer base, we have experience in nearly every industry. From Makeup and Fashion to Credit Cards / Payment Gateways and Car Rentals, you can explore our success with multiple clients. Take a look at our case studies to see the success stories we helped create.

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Discuss your needs with our digital marketing team today to learn which combination of SEO and digital marketing techniques would work best for you. Contact us now and we will provide you with an analysis, strategy, and timeline that includes a competitor strategy review for free. We can get you started immediately, so call us right now at (310) 827-3890.